Life. It happens fast, and even faster with kids.

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Kids seem to grow up in a week. I swear, I’ll take a glance at one of my daughters and wonder when she grew up? How did that happen? When I look through old photos, it makes me so happy to see how little they were, but then I realize just how quickly time goes by. I also understand kids don’t sit still, they don’t smile when you want them to, but they sure do love treats!

My goal for a children’s session is simply to capture them as they are in that moment, whether that’s shy and hiding behind dad’s leg or full of energy and jumping off anything they can find. There is no right or wrong session, no good or bad, I simply try to have fun and give each child an opportunity to be themselves. Mom and dad, get prepared for them to be getting a little dirty and let me take them off your hands for a few minutes.


Denali National Park

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This One Tree Somewhere

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